Saturday, March 5, 2011

Existence From The Bottom Up

Thinking about it "bottom" up. Imagine that you are a sugar molecule floating around in a cell, unaware of your role in the greater drama of life but a necessary part of it.

Imagine you are the brain cell that contains that sugar molecule, about to fire (or not) which will change the course of the universe forever depending on which way it goes. But still only acting on 'simple' chemistry and completely unaware that you are one cell of trillions.

Now imagine you are the cluster of neurons in a brain, a cluster that fires when a concept is recognized, the cluster activates variously 100 times a second, unaware that they are decoding the words you now read.

Without all of those components operating there is NO individual mind but the whole idea of an individual mind is an illusion to begin with. The ultimate laws of Physics do not follow our arbitrary human boundries. You ARE the universe, pinched off into a localized bit of order. Without the stars from 10 billion years ago we could not exist now. An almost immeasurable number of quantum interactions MUST have occurred for you to exist in this brief moment of time so that you will play your role in the evolution and unfolding of the universe.

It is not by mere chance that we exist, it is commanded by what is. The unfolding of the universe, by its very nature, is drawn into the patterns of life.

We give far too much importance to our limited, ego-driven view that we are isolated when in reality we are all bound together in so many ways. Our actions, however small and meaningless they might seem at times, have profound implications for the future.

Our immortality is because we are made of the universe.

This is why I don't find Materialism or our lack of Free Will to be depressing.

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