Saturday, March 9, 2013

Argument from Design is self-defeating

Let's say you are walking along a secluded beach.

In the sand you find a fine gold watch, you open it up and it's still keeping perfect time!

Ah, you think, this watch must have been created by a fine watchmaker. I can see the hand of design...

NOTE: you didn't look at the arrangement of grains of sand and jump to this conclusion because WATCHES AREN'T ANYTHING LIKE *SIMPLE* NATURAL PROCESSES!

This argument is self-defeating the moment you KNEW you needed something 'obviously' made by a human to make it.

That VERY contrast is the defeater.

Guess what else, human's ARE part of Nature, the things we produce are produced by natural processes also but they are natural processes that required the formation of a system capable of building models of the future and enacting complex, fine-grained actions.

There is absolutely zero evidence there is a 'ghost' required to operate the machine.

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