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This is apparently 'proof' to Islamists?

Response to:

Someone on twitter posted this link to be and said "You might enjoy reading this".

Actually, believe it or not, no... I don't enjoy long strings of ignorance, lies, misrepresentations and logical fallacies.

Let's take a quick look at these:

(1) "Juad Ibne Dirham, a leader of atheist sect had kept some mud and water in a glass bottle. After some days worms grew in it and he claimed to be their creator"

How completely ignorant is this strawman? First of all, any given atheist might be completely ignorant of science. If this was a real person they clearly are ignorant of science so this ENTIRE string is built on the logical fallacy of the strawman and is therefore completely invalid. Next.

Reason/Logic/Science 1, Pretending-To-Know-Shit-That-You-Know-NOTHING-About 0

(2) "There is a verse in Quran that is according to our belief and which goes against your faith...nd He it is Who is God in the heavens and God in the earth…( Surah Zukhruf 43:84)"

and they say "nuh huh". Ooooooookay. So what is this supposed to prove? Another strawman. It's really easy to setup completely weak strawmen and knock them down, this proves nothing. Next.

Reason/Logic/Science 2, Pretending-To-Know-Shit-That-You-Know-NOTHING-About 0

(3)"One day Abu Shakir came to the Imam and said, “Prove to me the existence of God.” Imam (a.s) told him to be seated..."

This should be good, haha.

"...inside which flow two seas of gold and silver. But neither can the yellow mix with the white nor the white can merge with the yellow"

Obviously they have never heard of a scrambled egg. What kind of stupid argument are we looking at here?

"...No one can even know whether the newborn would be a male or a female"

Utter and complete nonsense - we can insert very fine instruments into the egg, extract a tiny DNA sample and sex the chicken.

"...Can your reason agree that all this happened without a designer or a maker?”"

Ah, the absolute FAVORITE of religion, the Argument From Ignorance. If you don't know how something happens naturally then surely God must have done it. Nonsense. In fact, we have EXTREMELY detailed knowledge now of exactly how evolution works and why it gives the mere APPEARENCE of design but doesn't require an actual designer. The need for 'God' in the production of natural biology ceased to exist 150 years ago and the evidence supporting it now exists in volumes that fill hundreds of thousands of pages.

Reason/Logic/Science 3, Pretending-To-Know-Shit-That-You-Know-NOTHING-About 0

(4) "One day an atheist from Egypt came to Imam (a.s) who asked his name. “Abdul Malik,” replied...It is surprising that when you do not have any knowledge about the earth or the sky, the east or west, how can you deny the existence of God?"

Another Argument From Ignorance.

"Don’t you ever reflect on the earth and the sky that why the sky does not crash on the earth?"

The 'sky' crash on the earth, LOL. Are you #*$&ing kidding me? It's these Biblical 'firmament' idiots who used to think the sky was a great dome because they FAILED TO GRASP COSMOLOGY. Ignorance, Ignorance, Ignorance -- a 'divine' being would know better.

"Why the earth does not sink below itself?"

Displays an utter ignorance of cosmology and physics, it's not even a valid question.

Reason/Logic/Science 4, Pretending-To-Know-Shit-That-You-Know-NOTHING-About 0

One of the comments on that page: "Have you guys/gals noticed how amazing these debates are?"

No, but I noticed that they are shameful & dishonest.

One final example, from a comment (again with the egg analogy):

"Imam (to the man): Tell me something. Is it possible to keep two different colours of liquid in one container without any barrier and yet they don’t get mixed?

Man: Impossible."

First of all the egg contents CAN be mixed, secondly the egg contents ARE mixing slightly, even in the egg, and thirdly OF COURSE THIS IS POSSIBLE, IT IS TRIVIAL.

Reason/Logic/Science 5, Pretending-To-Know-Shit-That-You-Know-NOTHING-About 0

So once again, Ignorantly pretending to know shit on "faith" is an utter failure. OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again it fails but each new moron thinks they have the magic words from the skydaddy.

All these thousands of pretend 'gods' are the SAME Bullshit, over and over again:

I'll tell ya what is 'Impossible', the laughable idea that YOU finally got it right.

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