Thursday, December 15, 2011

Festivus 2011: Airing of Grievances: Christianity Edition

I was posting on another issue elsewhere and I ended up listing my primary 'beef' with Christianity from a political viewpoint.

  1. Violent and Hateful Christian Identity movements, pro-slavery Christians, KKK, etc
  2. Christians attacking Women's Rights (on nearly every front but predominately their reproductive rights to their own bodies)
  3. Christians attacking gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, and other Rights (including their RIGHT to marry and enjoy the SAME SECULAR benefits heterosexual couples do; also their right not to suffer hateful discrimination)
  4. Christians attacking science and pushing absolute nonsense like I.D. which is nothing more than Biblical Creationism; this includes stem cell research, evolution, abiogenesis research, research funding in general.
  5. Christians attacking the separation of church and state (and yes I know EXACTLY those words aren't in the constitution, they are the EFFECT of the establishment clause and Jefferson made this extremely clear in his writing - this amended EXISTS because Christians were KILLING EACH OTHER over their religious squabbles, forcing religion OUT of a matter of state proved vastly superior).
  6. Christians LITERALLY brainwashing their children by sending them to these absolutely horrific 'Christian' camps where the kids are subjected to tortuous levels of emotional abuse that cause the children to break down emotionally and force them to 'accept Jesus and confess that they are sinners' (a horrible thing to force upon a child, FORCING them to believe that they are irredeemable sinners who aren't worthy of life except by Grace - it is just inexcusable - Child Abuse of the worst sort, willful and intentional.
  7. Christians who believe God wants them to war with other nations or justify their war, hatred or prejudice on God/Christianity/Bible
  8. Christians who attack sex education and birth control, which directly results in increased unwanted pregnancies, abortions, STDs, and numerous other health and social problems.

These are some of the major areas where I see Christian beliefs causing real emotional and physical harm in the US.

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