Sunday, February 13, 2011

Science is under attack by dishonest quacks

Robert Lanza, M.D.: Why You Will Always Exist: Time Is 'On Demand'

Science is clearly under attack here -- this kind of dishonest filth has to be brought under control somehow. Lanza should be ASHAMED of himself for publishing this nonsense but I suspect he is laughing all the way to the bank. Stupid is winning.

Physicists do not mean the same thing by Observation as this guy is implying here. They mean that a 'measurement' is taken which necessarily interacts with the particle being measured (e.g., a Photon has to be absorbed and re-emitted by an Electron to "Observe" it). Usually in very exacting and precise ways.

There is simply no evidence that that consciousness is involved (wishful statements, even by respected scientists, are NOT theory). This is nothing but a bunch of Woo. Or Cite an accepted, peer-reviewed paper that demonstrates consciousness is required for wave collapse. Not much is yet known about the intricate details causing wave function collapse or if it even happens (e.g., de Broglie–Bohm's ideas). This is a huge fact checking failure.

These are basic facts you can learn by spending 10 minutes on Google and evaluating the data with a critical eye. It's not like we're digging down into the actual equations here.

So why is it that a supposed MD apparently cannot be bothered to at least Google this? Or maybe ask an actual physicist? And why is the public lapping up this drivel instead of laughing this guy off the internet and out of publishing? Please, stop spending your hard earned money on nonsense.

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